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Wholesum specializes in promoting an active lifestyle through the scientific approach to massage therapy, targeted massage, and guided personal training.

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Our Solutions

Each of our services are designed to be effective for the body as a whole. In part, the body has a direct function for a certain action. These actions have a bigger purpose, your wellness therapy should too. Our holistic approach takes this into account as we focus on specific parts of the whole in order to create a fully functional system that is rooted in the bigger purpose.

Personal Training

Personal training is a 1-on-1 experience where we get to focus on your goals and what you need to achieve them through a tailored fitness program that includes personalized workouts, expert guidance, and accountability.

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Active Release Massage

Active Release Massage offers a targeted and specialized approach to address muscle tension, mobility restrictions, and soft tissue imbalances.

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Targeted Assisted Stretching

These techniques help increase flexibility, improve range of motion, and alleviate muscle stiffness and tightness through specific assisted stretches tailored to your body's needs.

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Our holistic approach to health and wellness includes Yoga classes that are designed to complement your physical therapy regimen.

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Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Management

Our advanced therapeutic techniques to support your recovery and enhance your physical health. Our manual therapy is designed to effectively treat soft tissue injuries and dysfunctions.

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We utilize all the tools necessary to help you feel better. Kinesiotape has been shown to assist your healing, and we love it! Receive it during treatment or come in for an assessment and/or (re)taping.

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Infrared Sauna

Engaging in infrared sauna sessions offers numerous benefits for individuals seeking relaxation and therapeutic effects.

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Integrated Nutritional Coaching

As your personal Health Coach, Michael Moore graduated from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition to help you navigate the challenges of life while maintaining optimal health.

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Custom and guided mindfulness practice can bring a multitude of benefits to individuals seeking mental well-being and personal growth.

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Expect Exceptional

Our journey mirrors yours; we are dedicated to health and wellness.

Under the guidance of our founders, Dr. Johanna & Michael Moore, we’ve cultivated a health practice that revolves around serving your whole self.

The Wholesum mission is to provide a comprehensive range of therapeutic services for your whole self, tailored to enhance the quality of your life. our dedicated team loves what we do and it shows in our happy clientele.

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